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The British Computer Society
Posted on 29 May 2004
Got my details through from the British Computer Society this morning, I'm now an MBCS, which is the grade just before full chartered status.

They hold lots of "special interest" talks, such as the Advanced Programming SIG and the Computer Conservation Society as well as a monthly London meetup.

29 May 2004 |

Music to code to...
Posted on 28 May 2004
...this week I have mostly been listening to Savatage (esp.When the crowds are gone) and Run Lola Run. I must say that Simon has a good taste in music as most of his ones to watch, were tunes I stopped to listen to the artist for, off the radio.
28 May 2004 |

Jez's favourite feeds.
Posted on 28 May 2004
Most of my daily web reads are being collected onto one page now, and you can read it too if you like, all aggregated at my news digest. (using my little app box)
28 May 2004 |

Movies and Physics
Posted on 28 May 2004

Inspired by Simon, I have started a new blog category... small but regular chatter to be had at my chatter rdf feed. And here is the first random chatter...

The physics of well known movies is discussed here. Glad to see that Titanic fares much better than Armageddon. (from ntk)

28 May 2004 |


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