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Posted on 29 Dec 2006
Having just finished the first full run through of a groovy pretty printer, I thought I'd flex it's muscles by creating a useful command line program...
 java2groovy [file ...]

    The java2groovy tool reads class and interface definitions, written in the
    Java programming language, and converts them into groovy source files.
to do this...
  • I took the original java.g grammar which groovy.g is based upon
  • amended it to remove Java features not implemented in groovy.g ("do" keyword, Array Initialisers etc)
  • Created a Java2GroovyMain which takes Java files and parses into a Java like source AST
  • Converted the Java like source AST into a one for one Groovy equivalant
  • Applied a Groovifier, which applies common simplification tasks to the AST (e.g. don't need public keyword if you have other modifiers)
  • Then the resultant groovy AST is output using the "pretty printer"
(not in subversion yet RC3? post 1.0?)

So... job done, what's next :-)

Seriously though...

  • java.g needs to be amended some more to use create() instead of #[], otherwise line/col nums are lost
  • is an interesting step, lots of tiny refactorings, at the source AST level, very powerful...
    // (e.g. don't need public keyword if you have other modifiers)
    if (t.getType() == MODIFIERS) {
       GroovySourceAST publicNode = t.childOfType(LITERAL_public);
           if (t.getNumberOfChildren() > 1 && publicNode != null) {
           // has more than one modifier, and one of them is public
               // delete 'public' node
  • some minor changes to things like string literals (get a double double-quote each time at mo...)
  • all pretty printer issues apply (no comments on AST etc)
java2groovy is now included in Groovy 1.0 (download here)
(very very beta) NO DOCS, NO WARRANTIES etc etc

Oh yes... a sample...

$ java2groovy src/test/groovy/lang/

 Automatically Converted from Java Source

 by java2groovy v0.0.1   Copyright Jeremy Rayner 2007

 'java2groovy' cannot be used to convert one working program into another

package groovy.lang
class MockWriter


   private String output

   String getOutput() {
       String answer = output
       output = null
       return answer

   void setOutput(String
        output) {

   void println() {

   void println(Object
        object) {
       setOutput(""println("" + object + "")"")

   void print(Object
        object) {
       setOutput(""print("" + object + "")"")
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