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London Pub Crawl - the results...
Posted on 28 Sep 2004
A very enjoyable pub crawl for the geeks last night. We attempted to find a suitable venue for the relocating geekspeek event, and also, seemingly, we attempted the world record for number of PowerBooks in a pub.

It all started at Ye Olde Mitre, a cute little pub in an old Dickensian alley. This looks like a nice hideaway, but a bit too hard to find for occasional geekspeekers. Rohan, Marco and Duncan find ye olde mitre
Simon, Simon, James, Dominic, Marco and Rohan enjoy ye olde mitre
Then we moved on to the Cittie of Yorke, this spacious pub seemed to suffer from communication issues between the staff, which led to delayed orders, and unhappy geekspeekers. Dominic and Duncan discuss the supper artifice at the cittie of yorke
Simon, Joe, Torgeir and Marco watch James stag video in the cittie of yorke James shows off his stag video.
The Princess Louise, it seemed a decent enough palace, but the various beverages obtained therein left something to be desired. Duncan and Simon discuss the needs of the modern male
Torgeir, Simon and Duncan find peace at the white hart Finally ended up at The White Hart on Drury Lane, a nice little pub, with a clean modern atmosphere. Will this pass the grade? Only Duncan knows...

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