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Netpad: a remote pair programming tool
Posted on 21 Apr 2004
I wanted something quite simple...

Last week I wanted to brainstorm with a colleague, on a new piece of source code, but we were not in the same physical location. So I did a quick google for some form of collaborative real-time text editor. However, from the applications I found, nothing quite fitted all of my needs.

  • small download
  • really simple to get up and running
  • works over our firewall
  • cross platform
  • free

So with all this in mind, I set about creating a tiny app that addressed my requirements.

screenshot of netpad in action [click to enlarge]

I called it netpad, and it is a very basic text editor, that uses http to synchronise between remote instances of itself. (Netpad is both an http client and http server)

It's still very pre-alpha, but I'd thought I'd share now, to get useful comments. I'm just working on the algorithms for conflict resolution at the moment. I think my main focus is towards the real-time edit protocol, rather than the editing vehicle.

basic instructions

Incidentally these are some of the best alternative collaboration tools that I've come across...

please have a play and let me know your thoughts....

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