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Welcome to, Jez's technology playground. showcases jez's ideas that aren't quite ready for prime time. Your feedback can help me improve them. Please play with these prototypes and send your comments directly to jez.

Current demos *:
O jez's blog
[Java] Jez's Java weblog, running from static pages generated by blogmento (below).

O elite:javanicus
[Java] Jez's Port of the original BBC Micro version of 'Elite' to Java.

O blogmento
[Java] Create weblogs easily, and upload to any FTP capable website, requires no server side processing.

O The Art of Computer Programming
[Java] As I read through Knuth's classic text, I aim to transcribe each algorithm into Java. (long term project ;-) )

* Just a note: these technologies are still in the beginning stages of development, so they may disappear without warning or perform erratically. If something's not working on this page, please come back and try it again later.
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